Are you wanting to refurbish your kitchen? Do you want something a little different? If you want a funky, modern and eye-popping kitchen that reflects you and your family, then this can be easily achieved with the use of acrylic splashbacks. Below we explore how to use and personalise printed acrylic splashbacks and splashbacks with images to help create your funky kitchen.

Create your own beach

Do you want to see the beach every day? Create that ocean kitchen vibe with the use of yellow and turquoise acrylic splashbacks, as they are such happy colours that will remind you of your days on the beach. You could even take a favourite photograph of your chosen beach and have it printed on to an acrylic splashback.

Create that coffee shop

If you are a coffeeholic and simply can’t get through your day without it, then why not use splashbacks with images of coffee on them? You can create patterns with coffee beans, coffee cups, or you could even have a photograph of what it looks like in your favourite coffee shop.

Keep it in the family

If you have a kitchen with a large wall that is simply waiting to be covered, then why not create a photo wall? Picture splashbacks for kitchens that feature images of your children will be protected from heat and moisture. Make a photo montage with black and white photographs or be bold with large full-colour prints.

Cityscape in your kitchen

If you live in an apartment which is small and compact, you can create that feeling of extra space with the use of splashbacks with images. One funky idea is to use an image of a cityscape that can be used around the entire room to create a panoramic view of any desired city. Team it with stainless steel accessories and lots of glass.

If you want to use acrylic splashbacks in your kitchen and are looking for kitchen splashbacks design ideas, then please do browse our website. We have a range of printed acrylic splashbacks and splashbacks with images for you to choose from, plus a range of stunning colours. To learn more and to get your free splashback sample, get in touch with us today.
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