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Splashbacks for Showers

Our range of acrylic splashbacks for showers and shower rooms, offer an easy to clean, durable alternative to traditional tiles.

Are you frustrated with the numerous bottles of bleach used to scrub away the grout in between your shower tiles? Then a shower room splashback is what you need.

These types of bathroom splashbacks are ideal for use in showers offering a smooth finish without the appearance of grout and the perfect look that will complement your shower.

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Protect your shower with a made to measure shower room splashback

Splashbacks offer an easy to clean alternative tiles. Where tiles can crack or get discoloured, an acrylic splashback is a durable option.

Cracked tiles can leave you walls exposed to moisture and water. Mould can form over time and your shower walls can get damaged.

Bespoke acrylic splashbacks for your shower in a range of colours

At Genie our splashbacks can be manufactured in a range of colours. From deep blues to bright oranges we have something to cater for all tastes.

Printed options – truly bespoke bathroom splashbacks

Looking for something truly unique? Our printed splashbacks offer a fun, stylish alternative to standard tiles and panels.

Search from our range of pre designed options, or send us an image and we will go from there!

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Can you use splashbacks in a shower?

Yes, indeed you can. Shower splashbacks are a stunning addition to any shower.

They also make your shower so much easier to clean.

If you want to get rid of the grout, have a look at our range of shower splashbacks today!

If you are fed up of scrubbing tiles with bleach and a ton of elbow grease, a splashback for your shower is the ideal solution.

Are acrylic shower splashbacks waterproof?

Yes, acrylic splashbacks for showers are totally waterproof.

Standard bathroom tiles may crack and let water get in behind them.

This causes further cracks and the potential for repair costs and mould.

Where acrylic splashbacks are waterproof, they reduce the need for repairs and maintenance. This makes a shower splashback very cost-effective.

Are shower splashbacks in fashion?

Shower splashbacks are definitely in fashion.

More and more people are switching from bathroom tiles to splashbacks.

They are easier to clean and don’t crack as easily as tiles.

Then there is the issue of mould. Splashbacks reduce the potential for mould and therefore are very cost effective.

Why should I replace my shower panels with a splashback?

There are three key reasons we would suggest replacing your shower panels with a splashback.

They are:

1. They add style to your shower
2. They don’t crack as easy as shower panels
3. The risk of mould is reduced

If you are looking for a cost-effective addition to the home, start having a look at our range of acrylic shower panels.

We're here to help

Our Customer Service Team is available Monday to Friday 9am – 5pm.