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Our kitchen splashbacks are a beautiful addition to any modern kitchen. The kitchen is the hub of the house, the communal area, where you eat, drink and cook.

The space for parties, the office, the children’s craft zone, the room to relax after a hard day’s graft.

After the bedroom, it’s the one place where you spend the majority of your time. If you are looking at renovating your space, then why not consider one of our bespoke kitchen splashbacks instead of tiles?

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The benefits of kitchen splashbacks

A bespoke, kitchen splashback will protect your walls and paint work. Our range of made to measure splashbacks are easy to fit and clean. They are simply a stunning addition to your kitchen. 

Save costs on repairs, and create a style statement for your kitchen!

A full range of colours to compliment your kitchen design

At Genie our bespoke kitchen splashbacks are available in dozens of colours. With this level of available choice we have something to reflect all trends, tastes and budgets. 

With a variety of acrylic and glass splashback options available, we will have what you are looking for!

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What is the best material for a kitchen splashback?

If you are looking for a stylish and practical splashback, we would recommend acrylic or glass.

Traditionally, tiles have been used to protect kitchen walls behind sinks, hobs and work surfaces.

However, tiles are less cost-effective over time. It’s not just the cost of the materials, but labour too.

Tiles can be prone to crack, and mould can start to form.

Acrylic and glass splashbacks are easy to maintain and clean. They will likely last longer tiles and the upkeep costs are less.

Plus, they look super stylish and modern.

Therefore acrylic or toughened glass is the best choice for a kitchen splashback.

What is the best type of splashback for the kitchen?

The best kitchen splashback is one that offers your kitchen design the aesthetic look and feel you desire!

Practically speaking, the best type of splashback is one that meets your needs. For example:

Do the kids spray water up the walls when making a drink?

Have you noticed the walls behind your kitchen sinks getting discoloured through water damage?

If so, get a splashback that deals with these challenges.

For kitchen splashbacks, we highly recommend acrylic or glass.

Are Splashbacks cheaper than kitchen tiles?

Yes, acrylic and glass kitchen splashbacks are a lot cheaper than tiles. They are way more cost-effective.

Further to price, glass and acrylic are much easier to clean and maintain.

With a splashback, you only pay for it to be manufactured and can easily fit it to your wall yourself.

With tiles, you pay for the materials, and the cost of labour.

You are also likely to have a wait a while to get a local tiler in to fit it too!

What can you put on kitchen walls instead of tiles?


Ok, we would say that. You can also use exposed brickwork, water-resistant paint, and a range of other materials.

However, splashbacks are a practical solution to protect your walls from a messy cook covering the walls with food debris, juice and water.

A quality made-to-measure kitchen splashback also stops steam and heat from damaging the wall behind your hob or sink.

How do you choose the right splashback for a kitchen?

When people are looking for the right kitchen splashback for them it largely boils down to needs and money.

If your budget is tight, an acrylic splashback is a good choice.

If you need something to protect the wall behind a cooker or hob, a glass splashback would be the best choice – especially if you are protecting the wall from extreme heat. If you have a gas hob, we would only recommend our toughened low-iron glass.

When researching what type of splashback would be right for you, there are several factors to consider. If you have an induction or electric hob, you could opt for our premium acrylic which is manufactured to look like glass but at reduced costs. If you are on a budget, our solid acrylic is an excellent option in a range of colours.

How much do kitchen splashbacks cost?

We are often asked ‘how much does a kitchen splashback cost’.

There are two key factors – size and material.

The bigger the panel, the higher the cost. Glass is more expensive than standard acrylic.

You can get an instant quote by starting the ordering process on our website, so you are only 1 minute way from finding out how much your new kitchen splashback will cost. Alternatively, if you would like to talk through your order, you can contact us here.

Can a splashback go behind my kitchen cooker?

Absolutely – for sure!

Splashbacks were designed to protect the walls of your kitchen.

A quality kitchen splashback will protect them from food, water, food debris and grease.

Kitchen splashbacks are best placed behind a cooker, hob and worksurfaces where there is a risk of splashing.

Furthermore, splashbacks are used to protect your kitchen walls from extreme heat.

Damaged walls, and paintwork can carry small or significant repair costs.

Therefore, we fully recommend fitting a splashback behind your cooker.

Can glass splashbacks crack from heat?

If your splashback isn’t made from toughened glass, then yes it can crack under the pressure of extreme heat.

At Genie, we only use toughened glass for our kitchen splashbacks.

High-quality toughened glass is heat resistant and it’s safe.

If you are buying a glass splashback, make sure it is made from toughened glass!

Is it safe to have a splashback behind a hob?

Yes, absolutely.

The material you choose depends on the type of hob you have in your kitchen.

If you have a gas hob you will need a glass splashback behind it, but you can colour match this to our acrylic splashbacks for the rest of the room.

If you have an induction or electric hob you can have an acrylic splashback behind the hob. This is cost-effective and long lasting. The distance between the splashback and the rear of the hob should be 50mm.

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Our Customer Service Team is available Monday to Friday 9am – 5pm.