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Bath Panel Splashbacks

Give your bathroom a lift, with a stylish bath panel splashback. If you are getting a bit tired of that old bath panel, check out our stylish, fun splashbacks today.

Bath panels often go unnoticed when it comes to redecorating and renovating a bathroom and this shouldn’t be the case.

Here at Genie, we can instantly liven up the most modest bathroom suites, injecting a splash of colour and persona. Say goodbye to your clinical white bath panel and hello to a rainbow of colours.

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Available in a range of colours

Our bath panel splashbacks are offered in a range of colours. From bright reds, to soothing pastel colours, we have something to suit all tastes and styles.

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Printed designs and bespoke options

Looking for something a bit more unique? We have a large image library available for our customers to choose from.

If you want something truly unique, send us a high-res image and we can create a memorable splashback for you.

Acrylic bath panel splashbacks

At Genie our bath panel splashbacks are manufactured using premium and standard acrylic.

Easy to maintain and clean, acrylic splashbacks are an affordable, stylish option to breathe a little life into your bathroom.

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Can you use a Splashback instead of a standard bath panel?

Yes, absolutely! They are very much on-trend at the moment.

Partly because they look so good, and because there are a range of practical benefits too.

Splashbacks can easily replace bath panels and offer a stylish addition to your home.

What are the benefits of bath panel splashbacks?

The benefits and advantages of bath panel splashbacks are numerous.

They are:

Stylish – they offer something different and look fantastic

Sturdy – with a splashback, broken bath panels are a thing of the past

Reduce mould – well fitted splashbacks can help to reduce mould

As you can see there are plenty of benefits to buying a new splashback to replace your traditional bath panel.

How can I deal with mould around my bath panel?

A well fitted, and sealed bathroom splashback will help to reduce mould.

Bath panels can crack easily, and the grouting can allow water to seep behind causing mould over time.

So, not only does a splashback look stunning, they have a massive practical advantage too.

Are bath panel splashbacks in fashion?

Very much so.

They look stunning, are durable and don’t break the bank.

If you have guests over, there will certainly be impressed when they see your bathroom splashback taking pride of place.

My bath is a funny shape, can I still have a splashback?

All of our splashbacks are made to measure.

Our bespoke bathroom splashbacks are manufactured to your specific requirements.

Don’t worry if your bath is a different shape.

Don’t worry if it is a unique size.

We can help!

Are splashbacks sturdier than standard bath panels?

Our acrylic bathroom splashbacks are very sturdy and durable.

Compared to most retail bath panels, they are less likely to crack.

And, they look the part – adding colour and brightness to your bath.

We're here to help

Our Customer Service Team is available Monday to Friday 9am – 5pm.