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If you’re looking for any guides or downloads before you order your splashback, you’re in the right place! Here we list our guides, including how to fit your splashback, and our template downloads so you can make sure socket holes get cut in the perfect place.

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Before You Buy

Splashback Measuring Guide

We have put together a downloadable PDF guide to help you measure the space to put your splashback before ordering, as well as best practices – no room is perfectly square!

The best way forward is to mark out any measurements, including cut outs, on a piece of paper (or our own downloadable templates), using a shape for each splashback. You can then mark all your measurements and send directly to us to cut.

Leave 2mm expansion gap on each side so there is room for a little movement.

For in depth information, please download our full splashback measuring guide.

This guide is for information purposes only and must not be construed as full instructions. It is advisable that any persons not fully comfortable or confident in measuring, installing or amending panels seeks professional help from a trades person.

Order Progression

Have you ordered and now can’t wait to receive your splashback? Here is our estimated turnaround times and progression timeline:

We advise an estimate dispatch time from the date of order of between 18-20 working days. In extremely busy periods your lead time may increase due to the increase in workload, however, your panels will never be more than 30 days and we will let you know at the time of ordering.

Every item is processed and made in-house by us. Every panel is bespoke which means we hold no stock of ready-made panels. Your panels are made just for you, the way you want them.

Your package will be sent with a courier on a tracked, next day delivery. You will receive an email with tracking details once the panels have been shipped. Can’t wait? You can always collect from our Portsmouth address.

Forgot to add a socket hole? Picked the wrong colour? No problem! Call us and we can usually fix any issue if it is reported within 48 hours of ordering.

Basic Panel Information

About your new Genie Splashbacks panels

All of our Genie Splashback panels are made from a high-quality UK manufactured acrylic, making them perfect for residential, commercial and industrial environments. As with our range of uncoated 5mm & 3mm natural crystal, 6mm glass, and solid colour Perspex® there is no grout to fade or get grubby. This makes Genie Splashbacks the perfect solution for a modern, hygienic and effortless finish to any room or wall.

5mm Natural Crystal

Mould and detergent resistant properties; making them the most hygienic and safe way to protect your kitchen, bathroom or any other room or purpose. They are light, while remaining very hard wearing. Acrylic is up to 10 times more impact resistant than glass. There is an unlimited range of colours and designs. The coloured vinyl is applied to the rear of the panel giving that expensive, bespoke, glass effect.

3mm Natural Crystal

A thinner 3mm thick alternative to our 5mm thick panels. These are much more flexible, making them perfect for slight curves or situations where ultra-light applications are needed.

Solid Perspex® Colours

Standard Perspex® solid colour sheets. The colour is applied throughout the panel as opposed to the rear. Not scratch resistant. These come in 3mm or 5mm thick depending on colour choice.

6mm Glass

Highly scratch resistant, toughened glass. Our glass is low-iron, which means that it is as crystal clear as possible. This stops the green tint that you see on most glass, meaning the colour will be unaltered and seen as it was intended. Tough and heavyweight items. Bespoke, unique, classy look. Our glass is heat resistant so can be used behind direct heat sources. You can have exactly the same colours or designs as our acrylic panels.


Things to remember

  • When choosing a splashback it is important to order a sample as the splashback will be affected by natural and artificial light and may appear different in your home
  • Also, when viewing colours on the website this is likely to have a slight variation from the final product  depending on the monitor/devices use due to the screen colour differences.
  • Genie Splashbacks highly recommends that you order sample to ensure you are happy with your choice of colour prior to ordering.
  • Once an order has been confirmed this cannot be amended as all orders are bespoke.
  • Our samples are shipped via Royal Mail.
  • Our acrylic and Perspex® panels are not suitable for behind gas or electric cooker hobs. They can, however, be installed behind induction and ceramic hobs as long as a minimum distance of 50mm is maintained.
  • Where a direct heat source is in use (i.e. behind gas hobs) we can supply our toughened glass panels as an alternative.
  • Due to temperature variations, your Genie Splashbacks panels will expand and contract slightly. With this in mind, the panels should always be installed with an expansion gap. We recommend 2mm on all sides.
  • If storing your panels for any length of time, refrain from outdoor environments or extreme temperatures. Failure to do so can result in damage or bowing of the panels. Ensure that your panels are kept flat.
  • Avoid your panels coming into contact with hot cooking utensils, cookware or naked flames. Failure to do so can result in damage of the panels.
  • Where installing your Genie Splashbacks panels over existing tiles, it is important to check that the existing tiles are safely secured to the wall. Loose tiles may result in improper adhesion of your Genie Splashbacks panels to the surface or result in an uneven or wavy panel effect.
  • Your new Genie Splashbacks panels should only be used with our supplied low modulus silicone adhesive. The low modulus silicone will take at least 24 hours to cure and so should be left for this period of time before further work or components are fitted to your Genie Splashbacks panels. Failure to use low modulus silicone will have a detrimental effect on your panel and could result in damage.
  • Please ensure that walls are sealed and non-porous. Any boarding boards that have been used behind the splashbacks must also be sealed. This can be in way of wall sealant solutions or by simply painting them.
  • If you would like to alter your panel once it’s been received, use our Alteration Guide.


How to clean your Genie Splashbacks panel

To clean your panel, use a soft cloth and warm soapy water. Do not use a brush, scouring pad or high strength cleaning products. Never rub the panel to clean it if the surface is dry as this may cause damage to the surface. Cleaning with abrasive materials can result in light scratches and abrasions. To remove silicone or stronger substances from your panel, use a small amount of Turpentine on a soft, lint-free cloth.

Our Materials

Which Material is right for you?

3mm Natural Crystal Finish

3mm Uncoated natural crystal - These are much more flexible than our 5mm panels, perfect for slight curves.

5mm Natural Crystal Finish

5mm thick Uncoated natural crystal. Our standard acrylic splashback and great for most applications.

5mm Perspex Pastel & Matt

Solid colour Perspex available in 3mm and 5mm pastel & matt variations.

6mm Low Iron Glass (Toughened)

Highly scratch resistant, toughened glass. Our glass is low-iron for clear colour and tough enough to put behind a hob.

We're here to help

Our Customer Service Team is available Monday to Friday 9am – 5pm.