The kitchen is the very heart of the home, where we eat, relax and spend time with family and friends. It’s so very important to choose the correct colours and wall coverings to suit your needs and tastes. One option for wall coverings is that of splashback panels and coloured splashbacks for cookers. Below we share four cooker and oven splashback ideas for your new kitchen.

1. Black acrylic oven splashback

A modern kitchen look that is fresh and clean is the use of glossy white cabinets that are teamed with black splashbacks. Use a black acrylic oven splashback behind the cooker to complete this look. Toughened acrylic is suitable for use behind hot surfaces and will not easily stain.

2. Chalkboard cooker splashback

This is a super fun idea that is also highly practical. You could also incorporate a floor to ceiling chalkboard splashback for doodles, recipe ideas and those all important shopping lists. Black obviously works best, but you could also choose dark grey or a navy blue, depending upon your colour scheme.

3. Copper and rose gold oven splashback

Copper and rose gold are big this year in the kitchen. Invest in a copper sink as they are easy to clean and maintain. Rose gold is such an illuminating colour and can help lift a dark kitchen. When it comes to coloured splashbacks for cookers, rose gold and copper work extremely well and can help to highlight this part of the kitchen.

4 Mirrored kitchen splashbacks

If your kitchen is on the small side then using acrylic kitchen splashbacks behind the oven or cooker and on a feature wall can really help to make the space appear much bigger. Install white cabinets, pale wooden floors and the use of cool grey or pale pinks to create a feeling of light and space.

If you are searching for cheap cooker splashbacks for your kitchen, then we have a wide variety for you to choose from, including mirrored, printed and coloured splashbacks for cookers. To browse our full range and to request a free kitchen splashback sample, please do get in touch with us today.