Kitchen splashbacks and panels situated behind your hob, cooker, sink and work surfaces are a stylish and easy to clean addition to any modern home. In this short guide, we cover a range of topics and suggestions to help you pick the best kitchen splashback for your needs. 

Whether you are looking to protect your walls, or are simply thinking about redesigning your kitchen, this guide will put you on the right path.

The benefits of having a splashback in your kitchen

There are many personal and practical advantages to having a splashback in your kitchen. 

These include:

  • Protecting your walls
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Adding some style and personalisation to your kitchen design
  • Reducing the costs of repairing tiles
  • Impressing neighbours and guests

Let’s take a short look at some of these benefits and advantages of buying a kitchen splashback.

Protecting your kitchen walls

Residential kitchen splashbacks fitted behind your hob can protect your walls from heat emanating from your hob.

A kitchen backsplash will protect the walls behind your work surfaces and sink from food debris and soapsuds that get splashed around whilst scrubbing pots, pans, and trays.

Please note, for clarity, a splashback must be fitted a minimum of 50mm from your hob for it to provide adequate protection. 

Unbelievably easy to clean and maintain

Kitchen panels and splashbacks are incredibly easy to clean.

Unlike tiles, you don’t need to spend hours scrubbing a splashback. Furthermore, a kitchen splashback will reduce the risk of mould building up and becoming an issue.

If you are fed up with endlessly scrubbing or worrying about keeping your kitchen free of mould, read our blog covering four ways to design an easy-to-clean kitchen.

Adding some modern, unique style to your kitchen

Kitchen splashbacks come in a variety of materials and styles. Our range of printed and picture splashbacks will add a level of vibrancy and style to your kitchen.

At Genie, our acrylic and Perspex kitchen splashbacks are available in an impressive range of colours. We offer over 100 different colour shades ensuring that you will be able to find the colour to meet your needs. 

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Reducing the cost of repairs

Without a splashback in your kitchen, you are potentially risking damaging the walls behind your sinks, work surfaces and hob.

Water splashing against the walls behind your sink will become a problem over time. If your walls are the subject of water damage, the repair costs can be expensive. Additionally, any necessary remedial works may cause disruption to the home.

A stylish kitchen panel or splashback will protect your walls and therefore reduce the potential costs associated with repairs.

Furthermore, heat emanating from your hob or cooker can easily damage your wall. 

A splashback can  protect the walls behind your cooker provided it is fitted a minimum distance from the hob. Protecting your walls will therefore reduce the potential costs of repairs associated with heat damage.

Please note, for clarity, a splashback must be fitted a minimum of 50mm from your hob for it to provide adequate protection.

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Impressing the neighbours, family, and guests

We are all human and love showing off our homes to our friends, family and other guests. A stylish, well fitted kitchen splashback will add a stunning level of colour and vibrancy to your kitchen.

These items also help to create a spacious look and feel in your kitchen – more about that in the next section.

Creating a more spacious look and feel

Modern kitchen design usually centres around creating the room to cook, entertain, and enjoy your space. Minimalistic design, geometric shapes, and opting for closed cupboards all help to create a spacious kitchen design.

Furthermore, tall cabinets and bright colours will all help you achieve the desired ambience. 

If you are looking at your design options, have a read of our article covering how to create the illusion of more space in your kitchen.

Creating a stylish and on trend kitchen

Interior design changes all the time. No one likes to live in a home that feels a little dated.

Splashbacks are currently on trend, and the great news is they are a cost-effective and stylish enhancement to improving your kitchen.

A modern home often has a higher value than one that is outdated too.

Looking for ideas for your kitchen?

Read our blog covering how a splashback can help create a modern, stylish kitchen.

How to choose a kitchen splashback?

Choosing a splashback for your kitchen is purely a matter of personal taste and choice. 

You will be pleased to know that splashbacks are traditionally much cheaper than tiles. They are easy to fit, and you don’t need to wait six months for a tiler to be available.

Typically, dependent on the retailer, Splashbacks are available in several different materials each with their own unique benefits.

At Genie, our splashbacks are available in premium acrylic, Perspex, and glass.

Why choose a glass splashback for your modern kitchen?

If you are looking for a splashback behind your gas hob, a glass splashback would be the best choice. Glass is incredibly heat resistant and will look incredibly stylish.

If you are considering a glass splashback, make sure the one you are buying is manufactured using toughened glass.

Here at Genie, we offer low iron toughened glass meaning It is also as crystal clear as possible allowing the colour to shine through.

Why choose acrylic or Perspex kitchen panels?

For the rest of your kitchen where heat is not concerned, we would recommend acrylic or Perspex.

This allows you to protect your surfaces whilst also providing a reduced cost as acrylic is cheaper than glass.

Whilst acrylic carries a lower price tag, you certainly won’t be purchasing an inferior item. These stunning, premium items are durable, easy to clean and look stunning in the home.

Furthermore, if you’re thinking about the best colour to go for, you will need to consider the different types of colours that will match the current aesthetic of your kitchen.

Looking for more information on choosing the right kitchen splashback?

How much do they cost?

The cost of kitchen splashbacks depends on the size of the item you are buying. The cost is also reflected in the material you choose.

For example, a small splashback that goes behind your hob will cost a lot less than if you are looking for one to cover the entire wall behind your work surfaces.

At Genie, we offer our premium acrylic which has a glass look and our solid acrylic which provides vibrant colours in a cost-effective solution.

The different types of materials

In this section of our guide to kitchen splashbacks, we take a look at the different types of materials available. There are various materials that can be used, each having their own benefits and costs. 

Here we look at:

  • Glass
  • Acrylic
  • Perspex
  • Printed (pictures)

Glass and mirror splashbacks for the kitchen

For those looking for a stylish addition to their kitchen, a glass splashback would be the perfect choice.

If you are looking for a glass splashback because you need something that is heat resistant, we highly recommend going for one made from toughened glass.

A glass kitchen splashback can be used to:

  • Add style to you kitchen
  • Protect the walls behind your hob and cooker
  • Shield the walls behind your sink from splashing water
  • Create a spacious, modern look and feel

If you are looking for a stylish, premium style backsplash, why not have a look at our choice of glass splashbacks today.

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Acrylic kitchen splashbacks

Acrylic splashbacks not only look fantastic, but they also come in an amazing variety of colours.

In addition to their aesthetic appeal and lower costs, an acrylic kitchen splashback can be used to:

  • Modernise your kitchen and add vibrancy
  • Protect the walls behind your kitchen hob and cooker
  • Reduce the amount of time each year you’ll spend cleaning the walls behind your sinks

If you are wondering which material is best for your needs, have a read of this article: Acrylic vs glass: which splashback is right for you? 

Perspex kitchen panels and splashbacks

Much like acrylic, Perspex kitchen splashbacks are a fantastic alternative to glass. 

They look fantastic, are very cost-effective when compared to traditional tiles, and add an impressive addition to any modern kitchen. 

When it comes to Perspex kitchen panels, they are used to:

  • Add colour and vibrancy to your kitchen space 
  • Protect the walls behind your work surfaces sinks and hob
  • Reduce kitchen cleaning time compared to traditional tiles

Perspex acrylic provides a luxury bespoke glass effect and is available in a wide range of colours whilst also being a more cost-effective solution than glass.

Made to measure printed picture splashbacks for the kitchen

A picture splashback can add a little fun and something different to your kitchen design.

At Genie we have a range of predesigned printed splashbacks. Furthermore, for something completely unique you can always use an image of your choice.

Typically, the types of picture and printed splashbacks people go for include image of:

  • Animals
  • Cities and travel destinations
  • Food and drink
  • Nature & the sea
  • Cars and transport

A quality splashback retailer will have access to a wide range of images from sites such as Shutterstock.

The process is simple.

  • Find an image
  • Send a link or photo ID to the retailer
  • If you work with a company like Genie Splashbacks, the retailer will provide a proof of concept

Printed splashbacks are the perfect choice if you are looking to:

  • Add a level of personalisation and style to your kitchen
  • Protect their walls behind the sink, work surfaces and hob
  • Add a little fun to your kitchen design

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Reasons to have a splashback behind your kitchen hob and cooker

At Genie, we offer a range of custom-made splashbacks to go behind your kitchen hob and cooker.

Splashbacks, otherwise known as backsplashes, are the perfect choice if you are looking to:

  • Shield your walls against damage caused by heat
  • Protect your walls from water splashing out from pots and pans
  • Reduce cleaning time after entertaining guests
  • Add an impressive level of style and vibrancy to your kitchen areas

Looking for some kitchen design inspiration?

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Why have a splashback behind your kitchen sink?

There are plenty of reasons to have a splashback behind your kitchen sink. Sometimes referred to as kitchen wall panels, these easy to clean items are:

  • Perfect for protecting the walls behind your kitchen sink from soapsuds
  • An ideal addition to any kitchen if you’re looking for something to brighten up and modern eyes the overall look and feel

By having an acrylic or Perspex panel behind your kitchen sink, you can reduce the overall time it takes to clean up after cooking a meal or entertaining guests. 

Reduced cleaning time after a dinner party?

Who doesn’t like the sound of that?

Advantages of having a backsplash behind your kitchen work surfaces

If you regularly entertain guests, or simply love to cook seven nights a week, there are many benefits to having an acrylic, Perspex, or glass panel behind your kitchen work surfaces.

The advantages of having a splashback behind your kitchen work surfaces include:

  • Protecting the walls behind your work surfaces from food debris that may splatter occasionally against your wall
  • Improving the overall aesthetic of your kitchen
  • Reducing cleaning time after cooking meals, particularly when you are showing the kids how to prepare a meal (they will always make a mess at first)

Are kitchen splashbacks better than tiles?

Of course, this is purely down to personal choice. There are plenty of considerations when choosing between a splashback and the alternatives.

Traditionally tiles have often been used to protect kitchen walls behind your sinks, hob and work surfaces. Typically, tiles will cost a lot more than acrylic, glass, or Perspex splashbacks.

Long term they can be much harder to clean and keep looking fresh and vibrant. If tiles crack or if the grouting starts to show signs of mould, they can be expensive to replace.

Typically, tiles are more expensive, and you also need to factor in the costs of having a professional tiler to carry out the initial and any remedial works.

If you are currently considering either tiles or a splashback for your kitchen, read our article covering the reasons why you should choose splashbacks over tiles.

Kitchen design ideas

Having read this guide, if you are feeling some inspiration setting in and would like some fresh kitchen design ideas, have a read of this selection of articles from our blog:

The Genie guide to kitchen splashbacks – a quick summary

We hope you have enjoyed this guide to kitchen splashbacks.

To summarise, there are plenty of reasons to have a stylish, made-to-measure splashback behind your sinks, hob, cooker, and worksurfaces.

With various options to cater for all tastes, styles and budgets they will certainly make a stylish addition to your home.

A bit about Genie Splashbacks

Located on the South Coast, Genie Splashbacks was launched in September 2016.

The core focus of our company is to help people design their ideal home environment.

Our glass, acrylic, and Perspex splashbacks are manufactured in the UK from the highest quality materials. We create custom, made-to-measure handcrafted kitchen panels and splashbacks giving your home  a unique, personal touch.

To summarise, Genie Splashbacks:

  • Only offer high quality, robust products at a very reasonable price
  • Offer excellent, industry-leading workmanship and attention to detail
  • Provide bespoke items to meet the needs of our customer’s unique requirements
  • Are renowned for excellent customer care