Studies have shown that seeing nature and being around nature regularly can significantly reduce feelings of anger, stress and anxiety. It improves your emotional wellbeing as well as your physical wellbeing by relieving muscle tension, high blood pressure and stress hormones.

The UK has many beautiful areas and spaces of nature that we can retreat to for an outdoor escape, but what if it rains all the time? Our unpredictable weather no longer has to prevent your time with nature – instead, there are a number of unique ways you can bring nature into your home.

Think outside the box

Bringing nature into your home does not necessarily involve purchasing a handful of plants for you to water every day. Incorporating nature can be a lot easier than that and can add a touch of luxury to your home as well. Splashbacks are innovative design features that really stand out and are great focal points in kitchens and bathrooms. If you want to bring nature into your home whilst also making it look more aesthetically pleasing and rustic, choose a coloured or custom splashback.

Colour splashbacks

Colour splashbacks are a must-have to add some dimension and brightness to your kitchen or bathroom. A splash of colour can bring an entire room to life! If you’re hoping to bring in a touch of the natural environment, some calming greens or subtle blues will work to calm your body and mind whenever you see them. Incorporating a nature-inspired splashback can turn your kitchen or bathroom from an average room into a soothing, relaxing haven of retreat and comfort.

Custom splashbacks

Do you have a favourite natural hotspot that you wish you could visit more often? Do you have a favourite plant, flower or tree? If you do, you can custom design this image on a splashback for either your kitchen or bathroom to bring your happy place into your home! Change the way you look at your home by bringing nature into it and feel at one with your favourite parts of nature every day.

If you’re interested in the coloured and custom splashback collections available from Genie Splashbacks, contact us on 023 9248 9626 to learn more.