When it comes to a kitchen redesign, you’ll want your kitchen’s aesthetic to be as unique as possible while also representing your individual tastes and preferences. Your choice of lighting and furnishings are great ways to create the kitchen of your dreams, but the very best way is to start with your walls. Your kitchen splashback doesn’t have to be boring, it can have a unique pattern or design that will really stand out from the crowd. Still not convinced? Here are four reasons why you need a distinctive splashback in your brand new kitchen if you really want to make the room look unique:

Splashbacks for the modern kitchen

You can still have a classic and elegant kitchen without opting for boring tiles. There is a cooker splashback to suit everyone’s individual preferences, including those who want to make a statement without choosing a splashback with an outrageous pattern or colour. A mirrored splashback is a popular option for kitchens with a modern design as they instantly make the room look more expensive.

Bespoke designs

If you want a truly unique kitchen then why not make your own? A picture splashback is perfect for a family kitchen as you can use a photo that brings you happiness. It can be a silly one that reminds you of an amazing day out, or even a quote that means something special to your family. A bespoke picture splashback also makes for a great gift idea for anyone decorating their kitchen.

Vibrant patterns and designs

If you have a bold and vibrant personality, there is guaranteed to be a patterned splashback to reflect this. A splashback can easily become the focal point of your kitchen and guests will marvel at the beautiful design; a rainforest splashback is a great way to inject some nature into your kitchen, while a glitter splashback will instantly add glamour and shine to the room.

Easy to clean

Aesthetics aside, if you want a truly unique kitchen, splashbacks are essential because of how easy they are to maintain. The smooth surface is easy to wipe down with a damp cloth and will look as good as new for years to come.