Now is the perfect time to embrace colour, get the paints out and brighten up your kitchen for a modern rainbow look. In recent years, monochrome, professional kitchens have been the trend, with minimal colour and chrome everywhere. But for a lot of people, the kitchen is a busy, vibrant space, full of life and colour. A rainbow kitchen with bold accents, retro appliances and a coloured acrylic splashback is the perfect design choice for a fun and family-focused space.

Say yes to colour

Adding colour to your kitchen can be fun and simple, and you can be as bold or as cautious as you wish. For a subtler look, add bright accessories like a purple plant pot, an open spice rack with glass jars full of colourful spices, vintage green cutlery or a rainbow printed kitchen blind. Display coloured mugs on an open shelf for a practical and stylish storage solution (extra points if you have every colour of the rainbow!). Look for bold, abstract prints that you can hang in the kitchen, with positive messages and rainbow graphics. If you need to replace your appliances, choose a brightly coloured kettle, toaster or microwave – there are loads of cheerful options available.

Mix and match with a colourful palette

With the rainbow kitchen trend, you don’t need to worry about colours or prints clashing, it’s all about embracing fun and positivity. Whether you’re painting your cupboard doors turquoise or installing an orange splashback, choose colours that make you happy. Make sure your kitchen features a variety of colours, shades and textures for an interesting and vibrant space. Choose kitchen accessories that make you smile, and make sure to display any cards, family photos or children’s artwork in pride of place on the fridge.

Update your splashback

At Genie Splashbacks, we have a huge range of bright and colourful kitchen wall splashbacks which are the perfect way to add a bold splash of colour to your kitchen. From a bold red perspex splashback to a sophisticated blue kitchen splashback to a vibrant lime green splashback, our high-end options are perfect for creating a positive and colourful space.