Your new kitchen is the most expensive room in your house. It adds value to your property and a clean, stylish space in which to create gastronomic delights and family memories. It’s no coincidence that everyone gathers in the kitchen at parties.

So, to finish off your kitchen in style, you’ll want to pay attention to ensuring you have a coordinated backdrop to complete the wow-effect from your new units, appliances and accessories.

Selecting what goes on your walls is a design decision to complement your room’s colour scheme and layout. The days of black, white, non-descript monochrome tiles adorning your kitchen walls are a thing of the past.

Easy to Fit

Trends change, and do you really want to be chiselling off the tiles you’ve got bored of in a few years’ time? Splashbacks go on the wall in one piece and come off it in one piece almost every time.

Every kitchen needs a tough wipe-clean surface behind the sink, the cooker and the hob as a minimum and in a modern-day layout a splashback does just that. A splashback is an integral part of your design and will keep your room looking at its best. Providing a barrier to heat, moisture and cooking debris, a splashback is an essential feature of the modern kitchen.

A stunning printed photo-image splashback from Genie’s rainforest range combines practicality with style and finishes off your new kitchen. A rainforest splashback sits at eye-level and becomes a real backdrop to your new room as well as offering an easy-to-clean protective layer.

A printed photo-image rainforest splashback will be the focal point for your kitchen and add the you to your design. Whether it’s a cityscape to remind you of a favourite location or a natural landscape to brighten up your background.

This process brings personality, vibrancy and life to your room and whether you pick a neat geometric pattern or a food-inspired theme, ensure you select a product printed to a high quality on a practical tough material.

Look for hard-coated acrylic or glass products on which your design will be printed and select a template shape which feats neatly into the space you’ve ear-marked for it. Remember to account for sockets and cut-out sections to fit around your kitchen’s features.