The walls in our houses have to put up with a lot. In the bathroom, many find themselves in a constant battle with water stains and, depending on the time of year, unsightly and unsanitary moulds. Not only that, but messy cooks know that food prep areas soon gather splashes and stains. Fear not, there is a solution: splashbacks. This post will share some of the benefits of this simple yet effective solution to mess and fuss.

Beautiful imagery

With custom printing available for splashbacks, you could choose any pattern or print, but many homeowners who love nature or travel are increasingly turning to beach splashbacks designs to create a calming atmosphere in their homes. No matter which room you have this in, the high-definition image conjures up memories of summer holidays and beach resorts. You might be suds deep in the washing-up, but in your mind you’re on the beach, sangria in hand. Many find that the beach image is versatile enough to coordinate well with neutral decor such as white and chrome bathroom suites, but it would also add a dash of colour to darker kitchen fittings which are currently on trend.

Bespoke fitting

Splashbacks are really easy to measure up, and to have cut exactly to the dimensions of your room. All you need to do is download the templates, measure up your space and send it off. Having the holes cut for electrical sockets and fittings takes all of the potential headaches out of the process of getting a bespoke design.

Versatile and easy to clean

Since the splashback is cut to your measurements, it really will fit anywhere. The beach design looks great in shower cubicles, but it would look equally as stunning as an accent wall above a countertop in the kitchen. An added feature of the beach splashback is that it is easy to wipe clean. No more scrubbing between tiles, or treating white grout for black mould stains.

Acrylic treatments

Specially formulated sprays can be added to your splashback. This reduces worry about mould and bacteria, which can quickly mount up in modern double-glazed properties. The UV protection helps to keep the beach image as fresh as the day it arrived for years – no need to worry anymore about the sunshine causing fade across your beautiful beach splashbacks image.