Using a splashback in the kitchen is a great way to add style, colour and functionality. But should we be adding a backsplash or a splashback? Is there a difference between the two or can we add either one to make our kitchens and bathrooms look super stylish?

Backsplash or splashback?

The Oxford English dictionary says a ‘backsplash’ is: “A panel behind a sink or cooker that protects the wall from splashes; a splashback.” It seems that backsplash is the popular term in the US, while in Britain we prefer the term splashback. Whatever you call them, they both do the same job of protecting your kitchen walls from dirt, spills and damage and making your kitchen look gorgeous.

Why do I need a splashback?

Tired of wiping grease or stains off your paintwork? Then you need to fit a splashback to keep your walls looking good with minimal maintenance. Fitting a backsplash or splashback behind the hob or over your worktop is also a quick and affordable way to rejuvenate a tired looking kitchen.

What splashback should I choose?

Glass adds a gloss and shine for a really contemporary edge to your kitchen design, while stainless steel is popular behind a hob for practicality and sheer good looks. Subway tiles are an enduringly popular choice while an acrylic splashback is durable and ultra hygienic, with colours that don’t fade and some incredible patterns and designs to choose from. Whichever material you choose should look spectacular yet be robust and low maintenance.

Where do I need a splashback?

Behind the sink or above the hob are obvious choices because that’s where the majority of spills and splashes occur. But the hob and the sink are also the focal points of your kitchen, so why not use a backsplash or splashback to add some real style and pzazz? A flexible and easy to install acrylic panel can make an instant transformation to your kitchen, adding a pop of colour or a standout pattern to make your decor come alive.

So I should definitely fit a splashback?

Yes you should. Whatever material you choose, your backsplash or splashback is the ideal blend of functionality and style, adding a beautiful backdrop to your kitchen that is sleek, contemporary and easy to maintain.