Do you want to add a practical pop of colour to your kitchen? Fitting a splashback is the smart way to protect your kitchen walls from splashes and bring personal style to your kitchen decor. But once you’ve chosen your splashback how can you fit it like a pro?  Read the guide below to find out how to DIY your splashback.

Before you start

  • Check that the splashback fits the space where it’s going to be installed
  • Check that the worktop is level or that your hob and extractor have been correctly fitted
  • Check your walls are flat and dust free – any gaps should be levelled out before you fit your splashback

Make the cut

Now you’ll need to measure up and cut your splashback to size. Glass and stainless steel should always be cut by a professional but you can tackle acrylic yourself.

Add lines of masking tape where you need to make the cuts and then transfer the measurements onto the tape – this will prevent the splashback from chipping. Clamp the sheet to your workbench and use a straight edge and a power saw to make the cuts for a clean and accurate result.

If you need to jigsaw out a hole for a plug socket, drill pilot holes on the front of the splashback to minimise the risk of chipping before cutting out a neat hole with a jigsaw.

It’s a stick up

Fixing a splashback to the wall couldn’t be easier. First, peel away the plastic film from the back of the sheet and gently key the surface with 120 grit sandpaper.

To fit behind a hob: Apply silicone all over the splashback in a wavy pattern. Now press it firmly against the wall and wipe away any silicone that oozes out. You can also use strips of foam tape on the sides and down the middle for extra security.

To fit above a worktop: Install in the same way as a splashback behind a hob, but use tile packers at the bottom edge just in case you later decide to change the worktop. Make sure you press multiple sheets firmly together so the joins are flush.

Finally leave the silicone to cure for 24 hours before peeling off the protective film. Fitting a splashback is an easy DIY job that adds real style and impact to any kitchen.