While there is a wide range of stunning splashbacks available, many homeowners are increasingly upgrading these areas with a solution crafted from toughened glass. Today’s low-iron options avoid unwanted green tints and offer a crystal clear and contemporary look that keeps kitchens and bathrooms looking current.

In the following sections, we’ll explore five reasons why these innovative and durable solutions are making a splash themselves, safeguarding walls around cookers and sinks across the UK.

Keep it clean

Impervious to water, grease and bacteria, glass has many natural properties for use in areas where high levels of hygiene are essential such as kitchens and bathrooms. With a single sleek surface, glass splashbacks are also far easier to deep clean than their tiled alternatives.

Powerful protection

Toughened glass gives premium levels of protection against extreme heat making them ideal for use in kitchen cooking areas where you want to easily wipe away spills and splashes. They are also scratch-resistant, so they can keep their impressive appearance with no unsightly marks from utensils marring their impeccable surface.

Attractive appearance

A myriad of colours is available for printed glass splashbacks ensuring homeowners can always find the shade to suit their decor. Additionally, toughened glass splashbacks also create space and illumination due to their reflective properties.

A sound investment

While the outlay for a glass splashback may set you back more than one using traditional tiles, these innovative options are built to last. Toughened glass is far stronger than tiles and following an installation can remain in place for years. No re-grouting or retiling is necessary to update them offering significant savings in the long term.

Simple fitting

Finally, installing a glass splashback is a substantially simpler task than taking on tilework and requires less mess and fuss from complicated cutters and the gunge of grout.

Guidance on glass splashbacks

Selecting the right splashback to suit your needs is essential. If you’re unsure if glass is the way to go or would like to see some samples for yourself, we can assist. Browse our extensive selection of splashbacks for inspiration or contact us today for advice.