Patterned Coloured Glass Splashbacks

Even if you are not an amazing cook I am sure that you have had a go at recreating The Great British Bake Off in your kitchen. You may not have Paul Hollywood assessing the firmness of your dough, or Mary Berry prodding your cake to share with the nation the sad lack of springiness of your sponge, but you will have your family competing for the best bake!

The kitchen is a fun space that can be easily enjoyed by the whole family, as cooking continues to move from our screens and on to our work surfaces. Flour may get everywhere, especially when the kids are involved, but you can protect your walls with a patterned coloured glass splashback.

Modern bespoke kitchens have done away with traditional tiles in favour of premium 5mm glass that can come in a variety of colours that ensures you are spoilt for choice. You don’t have to just have a single colour; patterned coloured glass splashbacks can be hand-picked or customised from the vast selection on offer by Genie.

One thing modern living has given us is a plethora of choices, sometimes too many. The potential for Genie to create any pattern or image to an exceptionally good real-life quality is phenomenal and will ensure the patterned coloured glass splashback is a focal point from wherever you are standing. Maybe you could have Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry in your kitchen after all! Or at least a range of printed cupcakes in a diagonal pattern across the glass!

Whether you like repeating patterns or a one-off image, vibrant colours or subtle shades, the choice is completely yours. What I am completely certain of, is that glass splashbacks are an important barrier to spruce up tired walls. Not only this – they protect against the onslaught of water, oils, grease and food that inevitably presents itself as we move into the kitchen to experiment and play with ingredients, encouraged by celebrity chefs to create delicious dishes.

As I wander into my Kitchen before I retire to bed, and tap out these last words next to the sink, I look out into the dark night at a thousand twinkling stars and think what a beautiful patterned splashback this would make.