Solid Coloured Glass Splashbacks

Have you noticed how glass never really stops being popular? There were certain decades that fully embraced this material in art and design, particularly the 1930s and 1970s. However, every time you see it used in the home or at work, it clearly adds a touch of class and sophistication. Glass fronted kitchen cabinets for example, are ideal for framing specific items, putting them on display whilst still storing them sufficiently. The transparency of glass ensures beautiful pieces are given full view and add to the internal design and exquisite detail of a bespoke kitchen.

Not only do you need well placed details within an exceptionally designed room, you also need tasteful backdrops to add a framework and degree of solidity that will hold the room together. That is why it is so important that care is taken when choosing work surfaces and cupboards and splashbacks.

Solid coloured glass splashbacks are the modern take on the traditional tiled wall that butts up against kitchen surfaces to add protection to walls. The sleek look of solid coloured glass splashbacks is something to behold thanks to the vast range of colours available and high quality, premium finish from Genie.

With more than 80 colours in Genie’s range there is a perfect colour to complement your cabinets and work surfaces. Why not take a look at Shamrock green, Bordeaux, or Cool grey? Solid blocks of these colours in 5mm heat-toughened glass are a reassuring block of continuity that can be cut with precision around hobs, extractor fans and sockets, to leave a clean finish.

The premium quality of solid coloured glass splashbacks is evident from distance, but when you find out that the material is scratch resistant and manufactured with conformance to British Standards, you are completely assured of the product’s longevity.

Unlike tiles, which can easily become dirty and are often more difficult to clean due to a multitude of grout lines, glass splashbacks with their low friction surface can be cleaned to a new-looking finish with warm soapy water. For a modern, up-to-date bespoke look, choose a solid coloured glass splashback.