Glass Splashbacks

I always admire the way celebrity chefs, like Jamie Oliver, throw ingredients around with ease and skill, judging weights and quantities by eye, to make mouth-watering dishes. They still make a mess though, splashing liberal quantities of extra virgin olive oil in a multitude of directions not to mention all the other exotic spices and herbs. The kitchen is a great place to create but let’s face it kids aren’t the only ones who make a mess here.

Kitchen glass splashbacks are the modern solution to protect tired walls, in the most decorative way possible. Manufactured from toughened, heat-strengthened glass, these glass splashbacks give a solid look that any bespoke kitchen would be proud to display. It is reassuring to have such high quality materials butted neatly against kitchen work surfaces and close to hobs where excessive heat could be an issue with any lesser product. Genie has clearly thought this through, providing a strong product that you know is built to last.

Kitchen glass splashbacks look amazing too with solid blocks of vibrant colours running the length of the kitchen surface, without a break in sight, as grout lines have long been dispensed with. As an alternative to tiling the glass splashback is easily installed with Genie’s fitting kit. Even sockets, hobs and extractor fans are cut around with care, and the cut edges polished to give that perfect finish.

So what colour will you choose? Warm yellow, sunflower yellow, lemon yellow or maybe melon – the choice is so vast. In fact there are 80 colours to choose from. But it doesn’t end there. Patterns and prints are available to tap into something completely personal to you.

So while Jamie Oliver is cooking in many kitchens around the country, or even the world, you have to think of only one. So make it special, make it contemporary and modern, and complete your kitchen style by choosing a glass splashback. And wipe it clean knowing that it will look shiny and new every time with just a little warm soapy water. Glass is clearly a great option for a high quality finish.

What are you cooking today?