Printed Splashbacks for Shower Walls

So you have decided to redecorate your bathroom? Gone are the days when we have to search endlessly for colours or tones that match the paint you fell in love with, and purchased on impulse during some recent shopping trip. Not that Genie can’t match colours or provide a whole range of complementary tones, they can; they can also offer an extensive collection of high quality images to provide printed splashbacks for shower walls, that will not only inspire, but also put a smile upon your face.

Printed splashbacks for shower walls are a great way to add fun into a room that can often come across a little same old, same old when decorated in traditional solid blocks of blue or white. Have you thought of having prints of dolphins or the Niagara Falls to give an obvious water theme – or maybe a shark in mid-bite? The choice is clearly yours and the printed possibilities endless.

Printed splashbacks for shower walls are an adventurous replacement and realistic alternative for traditional tiled walls. Manufactured from heat-strengthened glass or acrylic in a variety of finishes and thicknesses, these modern, sleek splashbacks say goodbye to grout lines which harbour dirt and mould and make cleaning a chore that you could well do without.

Easy to clean and intrinsically hygienic due to the smooth surface area and absence of grout lines, splashbacks for shower walls can be purchased with anti-mould coatings and anti-microbial finishes that will kill 99% of all bacteria – a reassuring option in an area often plagued by the re-emergence of mould.

How difficult can it be sometimes, to get your kids to have a wash or step into the shower? Printed shower splashbacks can make this a place to have fun in. So maybe let the kids decide?

The bathroom deserves to be a place treated as special, a place to be decorated with care. So think on the images that define you and make this space a unique place to be cherished every day. Genie are experts in their field and are happy to advise on designing a splashback specifically for you.