Shower Splashbacks

Water runs everywhere and can always find a way to escape if you let it. The bathroom is a place where you need to get it right and avoid unnecessary leaks. The versatility of shower splashbacks offers easy installation ensuring that even an amateur DIYer can achieve a seamless watertight finish and a professional end product. The glass or acrylic shower splashbacks are cut-to-fit with precision by Genie’s experts, allowing you the satisfaction of completing the job, should you choose to do so.

Shower splashbacks are an inexpensive alternative to tiling that are setting trends thanks to their modern, sleek finish and easy wipe clean surface. As homes are continuing to expand and luxury finishes are abound, it is clear that innovative products will be at the forefront in home design. Wet rooms and walk-in showers are often becoming standard, as the larger showering areas are both comfortable and practical, and the modern look of shower splashbacks easily complements the luxury feel these rooms express.

The popularity of colours in home design changes each season and shades of green seem to be taking a decisive stance at design events around the country. Genie, whose colour range is exhaustive, have green tones, from the nature inspired Forest and Woodland to the bolder shades of Lime and Mint. Take your pick and blend with your choice of carefully selected patterns and images.

And what of their practicality – do they meet the mark? Yes, is the simple answer. Highly functional, the shower splashbacks provide that watertight barrier to protect your walls and can be coated with anti-mould and anti-microbial finishes to provide you with that reassuring knowledge that your shower is hygienic. For me, it is clear that shower splashbacks, with their smooth continuous surface, has no opportunity to harbour dirt and mould, which is a major plus when you think back to all those grout lines and tiles scrubbed over the years. Fortunately splashbacks look amazing too and have unending options in the variety of colours, patterns and images.

Shower splashbacks are clearly the way forward because great design always rubs shoulders with functionality.