One of the rooms in a home that people often fail to pay as much attention to is their en-suite bathroom. However, at the same time, it is probably a room that gets just as much usage, if not more, than any other place in the house. Your en-suite can be a great place to take a long hot shower and relax in privacy. It allows you to take a break from a busy and bustling household. So, it is essential to optimise the space give it the improved aesthetics it truly deserves!

Install new fittings

If your en-suite shower, bath or toilet are looking a little tired, it might be time to replace them. It might sound like an expensive and time-consuming job, but you do not need to completely refit the room. Simply replacing the taps on the en-suite sink or bath, putting a new toilet seat in or installing a new showerhead can give your en-suite the revamp it requires.

Fix a new mirror

When you’re getting ready for work in the mornings or preparing for a night out in the evenings, having the right mirror is essential. If your current mirror is simply not giving your en-suite the decorative boost that it needs, then replace it with a new one. As a bonus, a mirror can actually make a small en-suite appear significantly bigger, giving you the sensation of a more spacious room to spend time in.

Add your ideal splashback

Adding a beautiful splashback can give your en-suite room a classy overhaul. It is an extremely affordable and cost-effective solution that will not take a lot of time or cause any disruption. With a range of fantastic splashbacks available in an array of materials and styles, your en-suite will look brand new with a lovely bathroom splashback. Choose from an extensive range that can be customised to fit your personal preferences.

At Genie Splashbacks, we produce bespoke and made-to-measure splashbacks in a variety of materials. You can even choose your own photographs or colours to design your ideal splashbacks. To enquire further or buy, please visit us at Genie Splashbacks.