Kitchen Splashbacks

If you added up all the time spent in the kitchen over the week, I think you would be surprised. I sometimes think it must be the most used room in the house. Whether we are knocking together something tasty with leftovers from the fridge, or making an early morning cuppa – we are drawn to this space. When friends drop by or when you are hosting a party, where does everyone congregate? The kitchen. The hub of the house. The central point.

Then it is no wonder that house designers focus their main attention here to make it really special. The most contemporary kitchen designers have cottoned on to the growing trend to replace traditionally tiled areas with a modern kitchen splashback. Genie’s kitchen splashbacks are manufactured from high quality materials, finished to a high specification that will enhance any bespoke kitchen.

Kitchen splashbacks can be manufactured in 5mm heat-strengthened glass that has the green tint removed to ensure all the colours available are optically clear and have a real depth to them. The alternative more lightweight material is Perspex a high quality acrylic that Genie have been working with for nearly 40 years. These kitchen splashbacks are available in a 3mm or 5mm thickness and either a matt or gloss finish. The glass is inherently scratch resistant and Genie have also ensured that scratch resistant options are also available for kitchen splashbacks produced in acrylic.

It is important to protect your kitchen walls in some manner from the oils, water and foodstuffs which are continuously being used and prepared on our kitchen surfaces. The splashback is an excellent and really simple choice as an alternative to tiling. You will be surprised by the impact of a splashback, the way it can be a focal point in a kitchen, especially when a well-chosen colour complements the work surfaces and cupboards.

What colour would you choose? Whether you have an exact colour in mind and need a colour match, or if you choose to browse the varied selection of vibrant and more subtle colours available, Genie can produce a kitchen splashback that will give your kitchen the much needed wow factor.