Kitchen Coloured Splashbacks

Colours in the kitchen can express our personalities whether we are flamboyant or introverted. But sometimes it is good to think outside the box and cross into territories that we would not normally walk. So be bold!

A vibrant coloured kitchen splashback, chosen from Genie’s extensive range can complete a modern kitchen that oozes character and leaves a lasting impression. However, it is clear that we want our kitchen to be more than just aesthetics it needs to be highly practical too, protecting your walls from unnecessary splashes of oils and foodstuffs. The kitchen coloured splashbacks are designed to be completely practical and exceptionally pleasing to the eye.

There are over 80 colours in the vast range on offer from Genie, all of which have been carefully selected to give depth and lasting impressions when viewed from every angle. Take the shades of orange for example – as the oranges border on tones of yellow in the splashback described as Melon, or tumble into the flower inspired Marigold which leaves us with memories of summer; and as orange merges into red, Genie give us Poppy, a delightful hue that works equally well with white cupboards, as it does with black granite work surfaces.

Kitchen coloured splashbacks are a perfect example of modern living with their sleek uninterrupted surface and solid indestructible finish. It makes you wonder why we ever used tiles!

If you are concerned that your kitchen is an odd shape or has too many interruptions in the length of the wall, to make a splashback a viable option, this is not the case. Splashbacks are manufactured from premium quality glass and acrylic (Perspex) that can be cut with ease. So if you have sockets and extractor hoods, hobs or a window ledge – Genie can shape your splashback to perfection in these seemingly difficult places.

And if you have a specific colour in mind but can’t find it when browsing, Genie’s experts can colour match, so no need to look any further!

So be bold and vibrant or relaxed and calming, but choose to choose a product that will define your kitchen.