In many homes, the kitchen is the hub of the action. It’s where quick weekday breakfasts are scoffed, cosy Friday takeaways are enjoyed, and lazy weekend dinners are served up. Because of this, you can have crumbs, grease, smoke, dust, spills and splatter to deal with, making the kitchen hard to keep clean. However, there are a few little design tweaks you can have that make keeping a stress-free and clean kitchen easy to maintain.

Opt for an undermount sink

An under-mount sink is a saviour when it comes to wiping away crumbs from any kitchen top surfaces. Not only will the sink fit in seamlessly with your kitchen counter, creating that modern yet natural feel, but it also means that dirt and grease won’t get stuck in the edge-trim you have with a drop-in sink.

Choose your splashbacks carefully

You’ll want to have splashback behind your sink, as well as some type of splashback behind your cooker to avoid staining the wall. Splashbacks with minimal or no grout are easier to wipe down. As tiles are the most popular choice for kitchen splashbacks, opting for larger tiles with fewer grout lines makes it easier to remove dirt and grease. With Genie Splashbacks, you can customize your splashback with your own photos and specific colours to fit in seamlessly with your kitchen design.

Put your rubbish bin near the sink

It sounds simple but having the bin nearer the sink makes it convenient for dishes to be scraped clean before being washed without having to make the distance across the kitchen which may result in drippage and spillage. Also, having multiple bins around the kitchen in areas where they would be most useful reduces any unnecessary movement of waste and will make cleaning your kitchen quicker and easier.

Look for easy-clean appliances

When you are shopping for your kitchen appliances, keep in mind how easy it is to clean. For example, knobs on ovens and drawers with a cracked texture can easily trap dirt, making them a nightmare to clean. Try to choose appliances with a smooth finish that can simply be wiped clean with minimal effort.

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