Everyone loves showers. They wake you up in the morning and can be a great way to unwind after a stressful day.

Most of us shower daily, but we often neglect to maximise our experience. Below are a few ideas to help you take that 10 minutes standing under the water to the next level.

Choose the perfect showerhead

If you’ve been showering under the same head for ten years, you’re missing out. There’s so much choice nowadays, and it can be quite overwhelming when you see them all in the aisle of your local DIY store.

Opt for a showerhead that you can move side to side and up and down, and also unclip. Check the power settings and buy a model that you can adjust if possible.

Pick out an amazing splashback

The appearance of your shower really will affect how you feel when you get inside. If it looks old and outdated, then it’s time for an upgrade.

Tiles are the perfect addition to modernise your shower. A shower splashback wall looks stylish and protects the wall behind it at the same time. You can either opt for a colour to match your bathroom decor or classic white.

Add some fancy extras

To really take your showering up a notch, you can pick out some other accessories. You can even find sprayers to install on the walls or the ceiling for the ultimate spa experience. Contact a plumber to install them for you, so you don’t damage the waterworks.

Change up the storage

Most of us have shampoo bottles and soap scattered around our bathroom, but there are plenty of nice shower shelving options available today and you can opt for a simple organiser that hooks over the showerhead.

With a few of these inexpensive and easy changes, you can make your shower time more enjoyable and efficient. Whether you prefer to jump in first thing in the morning or late at night, you won’t want to get out again!