Acrylic Splashbacks

Acrylic, particularly the use of Perspex, has long been used by designers to produce striking items that set the trend wherever they are seen. The combination of lightweight properties and long-standing durability, and its ability to absorb colour, make it a great choice for manufacturers in a whole range of situations. The fashion industry has been dipping into this product’s versatility for decades. Even at the recent Glastonbury 2017 festival, Lorde was performing on stage inside a giant Perspex box! Long has acrylic been rubbing shoulders with both industrial and creative endeavours.

Genie have been working with Perspex for over 30 years and instinctively know how to get the best from it and produce acrylic splashbacks that are pleasing to the eye and highly functional. Their acrylic splashbacks are only 5mm thick so they are lightweight which makes a DIY installation a reality – even for the less skilled amongst us. It is clear too, that Genie are on hand to provide expert advice and recommendations for every difficult situation.

Acrylic splashbacks can be cut to fit exactly around any shapes, whether it is a windowsill or curved sink edge in the bathroom, or an extractor hood or hob in the kitchen – the Perspex can be made to measure to give a high-end quality look to these important spaces.

More than 80 colours are available to cater for every taste. So if you are looking for vibrant colours to brighten up the starkness of a black granite work surface, or need to give your neutral bathroom suite some welcome zing, Genie’s pallet will satisfy your every need.

A growing trend in splashback design is personalisation, where images you supply are printed in the material to provide a real uniqueness to your rooms. In the kitchen maybe you could capture timeless pictures of family members baking a cake, or in the bathroom a water fight in the garden. Memories can be captured and printed on a splashback to remind you of good times every day.

Browse through Genie’s extensive colour range and review their growing range of patterns and decide to create something clean and eye-catching with an acrylic splashback.