Shower Splashbacks and Upstands

One thing I really appreciate after watching Bear Grylls Celebrity Island is how precious and sweet the taste of clean water when your mouth is parched and dry! It is painful watching the contestants gradually fade as the heat saps the remaining strength from exhausted, dirtied bodies and they lie sweaty and spent on what should be a beautiful relaxing beach. How they must crave to have a quenching drink and clean themselves off in a refreshing shower!

I am sure Sharron Davies, RJ Mitte and Lucy Mecklenburgh have earnt enough money to spare no expense in their homes and have a luxury bathroom and shower to return too. They’ve probably been dreaming of it!

The luxury shower splashbacks and upstands produced by Genie provide a bespoke feel and modern look that everyone deserves, not just celebrities! So when you have had a hard day at the office or been soaking up sunshine on a sandy beach, you can step into your bathroom space and clean off the sand from your toes, or just freshen up from that busy day.

Shower splashbacks and upstands are quickly becoming the modern alternative to tiling. Available in more than 80 colours they provide an almost instant transformation to your bathroom makeover, giving your wash-space an eye catching focal point that many people are designing their rooms around. There is flexibility too; the shower splashbacks and upstands can be colour matched or patterned, or can be printed with images of your choice to give a final product that is truly special.

Part of their popularity is clearly the continuous smoothness of the surface, a finish that is not interrupted by grout lines that collect dirt and mould. This increases cleanliness both literally and visually – no one likes to see even the beginnings of black mould! Part of that cleanliness is inherent in the premium materials utilised by Genie – acrylic or glass, and the anti-mould coating applied. These surfaces are so easy to clean, ensuring that the time spent in the bathroom is for relaxing and not just working!

Freshen up your bathroom today with Genie shower splashbacks and upstands.