Budget Shower Splashbacks and Upstands

Nobody likes decorating on a budget but sometimes when things are a little tight there are still some fantastic options in the bathroom that can save you money but still provide that bespoke look. Genie have an extensive range that is both colourful and precisely finished that can give you a high-end look by utilising budget shower splashbacks and upstands that do not have to cost the earth.

We all know that a lick of paint over tired walls can release new life into a bathroom that may be sagging from the strain of mould building up. But why stop there? If you are willing to put the time in, those cracked tiles and dirt engrained grout lines can be removed with care and replaced with budget shower splashbacks and upstands that are both colourful and sleek, and manufactured from high quality materials that will last.

The budget shower splashbacks and upstands still have that same high standard and will protect your walls from excessive water and soap.

Clean up the bathroom furniture and splash out on some new taps to revive this room with a modern look that will complement your new upstand. But if things are a little tighter you’ll be surprised with the kind of sparkle that can be produced when you apply a little elbow grease. Save money and buy a cheap neutral shower curtain from any supermarket – just invest in some ornate hooks because it is the detail that counts.

We can often be fearful of DIY projects that go into unknown territory, but installation of lightweight acrylic splashbacks and upstands is a do-it-yourself job that anyone can attempt with the helpful advice from Genie’s experts.

Budget shower splashbacks and upstands have a continuously smooth surface that are low-maintenance and easy to clean, which means that your bathroom will stay looking new for far longer. So take the step and revamp your bathroom and exchange tiles for the modern finish that splashbacks and upstands create.

3mm acrylic is a modern looking material that has a history of use in the most creative spaces. So cheap doesn’t have to be cheerful, it sometimes just makes sense.