There’s more to a kitchen splashback than simply protecting your walls from grease, water and heat damage. Kitchen splashbacks can make a major statement when it comes to the design of the room.

So when it comes to a minimal white kitchen, which is the right splashback option to choose?

A dramatic statement

If you’re looking to make a statement with your splashback, opt for bold or vivid colours. A jet black, vibrant green or intense red can instantly add a dramatic splash of colour without over-facing the clean lines of your kitchen.

A minimal feel

Matching your splashback to your appliance colours can keep the clean lines that your white or monochrome kitchen provides.

For instance, if you have a black oven, using a similarly toned splashback will help it to blend seamlessly into your decor.

A warmer tone

Particularly for kitchens with high gloss cabinets, a velvety matt looking splashback is a great way to create a designer finish.

The smooth, flat look will enhance your glossy accessories and at the same time keep the space looking ultra-modern. For a deeper look, choose softer, luxurious colours such as chocolate or amber.

A sleeker finish

A glass splashback is a style statement in its own right. However, in a white kitchen, it also helps bounce the light around, creating even more atmosphere.

Not only are glass splashbacks incredibly practical to clean, but they also enhance and give a clean, white kitchen an even sleeker finish.

An attention grabber

If you’re concerned that a block colour splashback could look too severe, glitter splashbacks are a great choice. While they add a playful personality and some fun to the room, they won’t detract from your main decor.

A textured finish

To maintain your overall design scheme but inject a little more depth, a patterned kitchen splashback is ideal. Whether you opt for bold geometric designs or a softer pattern, your splashback can still be eye-catching as well as breaking up and softening a one-tone room.

Choosing the right splashback for your space is important. If you’re still unsure or want to try out some samples, we can help. Browse our wide range of kitchen splashbacks for ideas or get in touch with us today.