Whether you are transforming, updating or designing from scratch, the kitchen is the heart of the home. If you are limited on space or want to create the illusion of more, there are plenty of ways to make it appear more open and spacious.

Add a large pop of colour with a splashback

By injecting colour into one area, such as something as daring as a turquoise kitchen splashback or something more neutral like a cream splashback against black tiling, this will draw your eye to this key focal point, offsetting it from the rest of the traditionally anodyne kitchen space. Make sure the splashback covers a large area, as the bigger the splashback, the bigger the illusion.

Optimise minimalism

By having less clutter on display, your kitchen will appear to be more spacious and less busy. A tidy kitchen is best. You can do this by adding extra cabinets and hiding essentials like the washing machine or dishwasher away under a countertop or behind a cupboard front too. If there are more work surfaces on display that are not cluttered, this will make them appear more spacious too, so put placemats away in a drawer during the day.

Use geometric shapes

Geometric shapes are not only on-trend but also highly versatile when used in the kitchen space. Whether you go for patterned chairs or a geometric design splashback, the addition of angles will not only draw the eye to these zones but give the illusion of extra dimensions in your space.

Opt for closed cupboards

Instead of opting for open shelves and cupboards where every ingredient, pot and pan is on display, if you choose to go for closed cupboards it will help you achieve the sleek, minimalist look that will make your kitchen appear bigger rather than cluttered.

Taller cabinets

You can create more floor space in your kitchen by opting for taller cabinets that take up less floor space than regular cabinets. These will allow you to store your essentials away but also make the living and cooking area bigger in your kitchen, allowing for a more spacious area.

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