For many of us, some of our fondest memories are those that we created by the seaside. Coming home from a holiday can be a somewhat sombre experience because of this, as we find ourselves missing that crisp sea air and the gentle crunch of distant waves – but it doesn’t have to be that way. With a seaside-inspired bathroom, you can carry a little bit of that seaside charm with you, and recreate a beachy experience in the comfort of your own home.

Creating a colour scheme

When we think of beaches, we generally tend to think of shades of blue, or perhaps even teal. The addition of a coloured bath panel is a great way to introduce these colours to your seaside-themed bathroom and create the atmosphere of an ocean paradise. The wide range of different shades of blue splashback available at Genie Splashbacks means that you have the freedom to choose the colour which most helps you to recall those happy seaside memories. You might even want to go for a glitter splashback, to evoke the sense of a sparkling ocean view.

Adding accessories

Consider adding a shower curtain with a beach-themed pattern such as seashells, beach balls or umbrellas to further enhance the seaside vibe. Furthermore, you might also want to think about adding some beachy art features – perhaps even using shells and pebbles you’ve collected yourself on your holidays.

Introducing a feature wall

To make your seaside-themed bathroom even more personalised and special, you could introduce a feature wall by making use of our Create Your Own splashback range, which allows you to add your own photos to your bathroom splashback panel. You might want to select a favourite image of your family at the beach, or perhaps a particularly striking image of a seaside resort which you enjoyed visiting.

Order some samples

To see how we can help you to make your dream seaside-themed bathroom a reality, order some colour samples to discover for yourself which splashbacks will most suit your home. For more information on our range of colours or to order these samples, don’t hesitate to contact Genie Splashbacks today.