If you wish to preserve the walls of your kitchen or bathroom with a fresh, artistic twist, glass splashbacks and upstands could be the ideal choice for you. Splashbacks are a worthy purchase in terms of practicality as well as being aesthetically pleasing and hygienic. Glass splashbacks are steadily becoming more popular and have various beneficial properties that make them an excellent addition within your home. The advantages shown below are just a few reasons why more and more people are getting glass splashbacks.


As glass is impenetrable to bacteria, grease and water, it is already hygienic, yet because of its sleek surface, with no nooks or crannies that would be present on tiled splashbacks, a glass splashback is simple to clean. Any marks or stains covering the surface of the glass can easily be cleaned away by a cloth or sponge.

Aesthetic appeal

There is a large colour range available for glass splashbacks which means that you’ll be certain to discover a splashback that flawlessly suits your decor while having fun and becoming creative in the process. As glass splashbacks have light-reflecting capabilities, it gives off the impression of making the smallest of kitchen spaces seem larger and brighter.


While the original price regarding glass splashbacks is inclined to exceed the price of tiled splashbacks, this is only true in regards to the short-term cost. Toughened glass is more durable and stronger than tiles, and following installation, the glass can remain in the same place for several years. Tiles, however, are required to be frequently re-grouted and retiled to remain looking fresh throughout the years, making it a more costly investment than glass in the long run.

Easy to install

The process of installing glass is significantly simpler than that of tile splashback, with it needing less equipment such as grout and tile cutters to finish the installation.

At Genie Splashbacks, we hold an extensive range of designs to satisfy every requirement and creative vision. Contact us today for further information regarding our product range and find out how we can revolutionise your home.