The staff room, kitchen and washrooms are often overlooked when it comes to design and interior, which shouldn’t be the case. You may not spend a lot of time in these areas, but having somewhere that’s bright and cheerful to eat your lunch or an inviting area when spending a penny makes workplaces that bit more interesting and injects individually.

What type of material is best for a staff kitchen?

Staff kitchens endure a lot of traffic on a daily basis, therefore an acrylic splashback would work well due to its durability and longevity. Many large organisations opt for this type of material throughout staff rooms, kitchens and washrooms. Depending on the area in question, acrylic splashbacks come in a selection of thicknesses and has options of anti-microbial coating which keeps this type of material clean. Acrylic also works well behind areas where heat is constantly being generated. Kitchens are a magnet for this, especially with the use of kettles to make those much needed coffees and teas. Acrylic material is able to withstand this constant barrage of heat and therefore a popular choice for these areas.


Washrooms don’t have to be clinical cold spaces. Adding colour into these rooms will make them more inviting and pleasant when showering or spending a penny. Having a splashback in a shower area or upstand over tiling cuts out the issue of mould and are much easier to clean. Perfect for a office where in some cases these areas are cleaned every hour. Splashbacks are an affordable luxury, with options for companies to add their own logo or company values, making these areas a real talking point.


Splashbacks are not just for kitchens and washrooms. They are ideal pieces of material to use in workplaces. Many open plan offices use desk divider screens or partitions to separate departments. Why not jazz up these spaces with glass splashbacks, adding a touch of class to an office space. These also work well for meeting spaces. This type of material is highly scratch resistant and toughened, which is ideal for a busy workplace. Personalisation and design can also be added to glass.


All of our Splashbacks are easy to install and maintain so you don’t have to worry about getting a team of fitters in to do a job you can do yourself. Like any material, splashbacks lose their colour and durability over time, so it is vital to ensure the splashback is cleaned on a regular basis.

Make a bold statement with a splashback in your workplace!