Kitchen Splashbacks

Of all the rooms in the house, the kitchen is the central point, the hub, where people flow back and forth. Invite people around for dinner and they are drawn to the delicious smells from the kitchen, where they would prefer to stand and chat, rather than retire to the comfier surrounds of the living room. It is the same when someone drops by, you offer them coffee and before the kettle has finished boiling and the teaspoons have ceased stirring, you are in deep conversation, leaning against work surfaces, enjoying the informality of the kitchen space. If this room is so central to our home life, then we should design it with care, giving as much thought to how it looks, as to how we maintain it.

The kitchen splashbacks available to you from Genie provide an alternative option to tiling that is modern and contemporary, and beginning to set a new standard in bespoke kitchens. Available in glass or acrylic, the kitchen splashback are premium quality with a finish that displays clean edges and a smooth, low friction surface that is extremely hygienic, thanks to the absence of grout lines and the anti-mould/anti-microbial coatings.

The kitchen splashback can be a tasteful block of continuous, vibrant colour that will bring your kitchen alive. Whether your splashback is Poppy Red or Chocolate Brown, the depth of colour will draw your guests in, leave them wondering whether your kitchen is designed around it. With more than 80 colours to choose from, the diversity of the splashback is a great place to start from when re-thinking or updating your kitchen space.

So, if we spend so much time in our kitchen, socialising with friends and preparing tasty dishes to enjoy, let us choose to do it in a stylish space, furnished with a high quality kitchen splashback. And if the vast array of colours to choose from is not enough, Genie can incorporate patterns or artwork to customise your splashback so that it is unique and personal to you.

Meeting place, coffee house, continental bistro: Enjoy your kitchen!