Acrylic Splashbacks and Upstands

Genie have been creating high quality acrylic splashbacks and upstands for more years than they dare to count, so it is not a surprise that they are experts with this material. Manufactured from Perspex this highly versatile, lightweight material is the perfect solution to replace mould-stained tiling in your shower or around your sink.

It is easy to see why the trend is moving towards acrylic splashbacks and upstands as consumers move away from traditional walled tiles, and towards the hygienic, hardwearing surfaces of Perspex. The extensive lines of grouting used in tiling are easy surfaces for dirt, dust and mould to build up. This is not the case with the sleek and smooth surfaces of acrylic splashbacks and upstands they are cleaned so easily with warm, soapy water making them a realistic low maintenance option. And with Genie products you have the added comfort of optional hygiene protection. Anti-mould and anti-microbial coatings can be applied to your splashbacks and upstands to give you a totally hygienic solution – the anti-microbial coating is particularly effective, claiming to kill more than 99% of dangerous pathogens. A scratch resistant coating is also available which will give you further assurance of a smooth finish that will not harbour dirt.

Acrylic is an excellent material to work with. The lightweight nature of these 5mm thick splashbacks and upstands allow easy installation by experts or amateurs, and Genie are available to impart years of knowledge to ensure these excellent bathroom solutions are fitted to perfection. Acrylic is cut and shaped easily to fit around sinks and sockets and windows where needed, leaving you with that tailored high-finish bespoke look.

Available in a multitude of colours, distinct patterns or customisable artwork, acrylic splashbacks and upstands can be a vibrant decor enhancing addition to your bathroom that has the dual purpose of being highly functional.

I was surprised by the depth of colour choice and the ease with which artwork and personal images and photos could be incorporated into these products to make them truly unique. With Genie acrylic splashbacks and upstands your bathroom goes beyond just being a makeover, it is transformed!