Glass Upstands

A glass upstand is a highly functional alternative to tiling that can be a decorative feature of any bathroom or kitchen providing a real wow factor that will make even the most critical eye look twice.

The glass upstands from Genie Splashbacks are manufactured from high quality 6mm glass that conforms to British Standards, so you are assured that this functional feature will be long-lasting and effective in preventing spray from water in the bathroom, or oil and grease in the kitchen, spoiling your walls. With straightforward DIY installation, never has it been so easy to protect your walls from unnecessary staining.

For the kitchen, the glass utilised is toughened to ensure that it remains consistently strong in areas that may be subjected to higher temperatures, for instance around a cooker or hob. And our experts at Genie can use years of skill to cut the glass around sinks and other awkward areas, leaving a quality finish in your colour or pattern of choice.

Every part of your kitchen or bathroom should incorporate part of your individual style and reflect the colours that mean a lot to you and the patterns and pictures that personify your style. The colour pallet at Genie Splashbacks is extensive and can be easily matched if you can’t find the perfect colour to blend seamlessly into your chosen colour scheme. Browse through the available patterns, or discuss the possibility of incorporating personal images within your glass upstand to make this product uniquely yours.

A quality glass upstand is such an amazing surface for easy cleaning with warm soapy water. There are no grout lines ready to store dust, dirt and grime, just continuous low friction flatness that encourages a simple wipe clean, to bring your glass upstand back to a new looking shine, after exposure to continued use. It is a real pleasure when you realise how hardwearing this toughened glass really is. With the benefits of scratch resistance, which you would expect from a high quality product, this is the thickest material in Genie’s excellent range. At just 6mm, this glass is both tough and sleek.