Glass Splashbacks

If you are looking for a modern alternative to tiling around kitchen surfaces and hobs, a glass splashback is an excellent way to overhaul tired looking walls in a positive way, giving your kitchen a clean, contemporary edge. It would be easy to think of glass as a fragile material, easy to break, and not up to the job of protecting your kitchen walls, especially in hot areas such as near a hob. This is not true for the glass splashbacks designed and manufactured by Genie. Produced from toughened glass and designed specifically for the kitchen areas where high temperatures can be reached, Genie glass splashbacks are heat treated for added strength. The glass also conforms to British Safety Standards. It is reassuring to know that Genie have invested every effort to ensure that their glass splashbacks are of the highest quality.

Made To Last

Quality is one thing but do they look good? Yes, is the simple answer. The coloured glass splashbacks have been manufactured from glass that is optically clear to give colours that are both rich and full; even the more neutral colours stand out with depth and intensity. Intrinsically clean and with a highly smooth, continuous surface, that repels dirt and grease with ease, Genie glass splashbacks not only catch the eye, they are functional too. It is clear that the functionality goes beyond protecting your walls from oil, water and food, the glass splashbacks offer up continued low maintenance.

Even the Set Designers on Love Island, have recognised the bold impact that Genie glass splashbacks and upstands can have in a modern kitchen/diner, displaying various colours around their set. Modern spaces need modern solutions, and a colourful and vibrant glass splashback can be the backdrop to any design, on or off television!

5mm Glass is the heavyweight option that is hard-wearing and scratch resistant. It remains easy to install, and Genie can cut to fit exactly, for your desired location. Whether it is around a window or socket, hob or extractor fan, Genie’s years of expertise with this material, leave you with a precision fit splashback with edges that are highly polished.