Kitchen splashback panels offer an effective way to protect the walls where you cook and clean. While the work they do may look easy, a splashback must tick many boxes to be of use to homeowners and not all of them are created equally. To help you select the right solution for your next kitchen project, we’ll run through some important characteristics that make for a perfect kitchen splashback you can count on.

Heat and waterproof

Splashbacks near sinks must be waterproof to avoid issues like mould and damp descending on your clean kitchen but those located by your cooker will also need to be heatproof too. Splashbacks are available for kitchens crafted from toughened glass that is exceptionally heat resistant and ideal for placing behind areas where you create your dining delights.

Attractive appearance

From bright coloured acrylics to patterned and glittery finishes, splashbacks are available in many different designs. While they should always be functional, to really shine, a splashback should also enhance the aesthetics of your kitchen whenever possible and with the diverse range on offer, you’re sure to find one to match your decor.

To ensure they keep looking at their best, the ideal splashback should have scratch-resistant properties. An unsightly scrape from a knife or other cooking utensil, when you’re washing up or making dinner can mar the look of your kitchen

Built to last

A strong splashback made from durable materials like toughened glass is a must if you want to see a sound return on your investment and don’t want to be constantly replacing it. Obviously, the stronger the splashback solution you select is, the more expensive it may be, but you’ll receive high-quality levels in return for what you pay.

Easy to clean

Finally, for convenience, you’ll want a splashback that is simple to maintain. Acrylic splashbacks are exceptionally easy to look after and can be wiped down with a cloth whenever required.

Splashbacks designed to deliver

If you’re updating your kitchen and seeking stylish splashback ideas, you can browse our extensive range online today.