Budget Glass Splashbacks and Upstands

It is believed that incorporating splashbacks and upstands into your kitchen design can save you around 25% on overall costs, when compared with traditional tiling methods. If that is true, and I believe it is, then budget glass splashbacks and upstands will save you money from the initial purchase through to installation.

Splashback and upstand installation is an easy process as the 6mm glass is cut exactly around sockets, sinks, window ledges, hobs and extractor fans. Even when you are creating a kitchen on a budget you want to have a quality finish, especially when glass is being cut to fit those awkward shapes. So you will be more than pleased to be assured that all of Genie’s glass conforms to British Standards. Their glass is manufactured to be tough and remains tough throughout its lifetime.

Budget glass splashbacks and upstands will save you time too. The nature of a single splashback or upstand means that it is really easy and extremely quick to put up, without the laborious grouting process associated with tiling. The sleek surface of the glass also ensures that cleaning time will be drastically reduced; the smooth surface is intrinsically low maintenance and easily cleaned when grout lines are absent. Just scrub with a little warm, soapy water.

One way to save money when designing a kitchen is to reduce the amount of spotlights. Designers continually use creative tricks to light up your kitchen in a variety of exciting ways. Place tea lights in jam jars on the kitchen surface. Or how about laying them inside your favourite European beer bottles – hanging from the ceiling gives a contemporary edge! These are just some of the creative ways you can bring a touch of earthy reality to the clean finish of a well-designed kitchen. The seemingly casual innovation juxtaposes with the high quality glass of the splashback; the flickering movement of the flame casting playful light and shadows – great effects for a kitchen with depth!

Clearly Genie offer excellent premium glass that is scratch resistant. Choose a budget glass splashback and upstand for a modern finish to any kitchen.