Budget Acrylic Splashbacks and Upstands

It is difficult to save money when you are decorating a room, especially if it is the bathroom or kitchen. These two rooms can eat up your savings in double quick time if you do not have a budget and your ideas are bigger than the notes in your wallet. However, with a little cunning and shrewdness and a touch of grandmother’s frugality, you can purchase well and have a bespoke-looking space, carved out using a little extra thought and well-applied elbow grease.

In the bathroom it is a well-known fact that baths and sinks can be left in place and cleaned to a stunning, almost new finish. It is a new set of taps that can transform your bathroom – shiny chrome, free from scale build up and white streaks! A growing trend in bathroom transformations is budget acrylic splashbacks and upstands. A modern alternative to tiling that has so many advantages and will leave you questioning why you didn’t choose this earlier.

Budget acrylic splashbacks and upstands have been estimated at having a potential saving of 25% over traditional tiles. Add to that, the saving you could make on trade labour; Genie can cut splashbacks and upstands with precision and skill to leave a simple DIY job that anyone who has picked up a glue gun could successfully attempt.

The range of solid colours available for the budget acrylic splashbacks and upstands is more than sufficient to select a shade that complements the paint and decor that you choose. They provide instant impact with striking, vibrant colours that look amazing and protect your walls from excess water.

Genie has a long-standing relationship with acrylic (Perspex) and work with this material to produce premium quality splashbacks and upstands that give a bespoke look without breaking the bank. The advantages of these splashbacks are not only in their modern style but the sleek surface is so easy to clean without any nooks or grout lines to store up dirt.

Keep it simple, keep it stylish, and venture into the world of acrylic and treat your bathroom or kitchen to something truly special.