Art is an essential component of good interior design in any home. Whether you opt for a carefully chosen picture, an ornament or even a unique sculpture or artifact, the benefits of an attractive accent that showcases your own personal taste are widely recognised. A new trend in interiors now allows homeowners to incorporate all the benefits of art into the fixtures and fittings which form an integral part of their surroundings. Rather than opting for plain walls or tiling, a growing number of people are choosing to select fixtures which are beautiful in their own right, as well as providing a practical function. An example of this trend relates to kitchen splashback panels. Take a look at how modern developments in technology and design concepts have transformed the humble splashback into a work of art!

Designer splashbacks: the variety is almost infinite

The days when splashbacks were mundane, muted fixtures available in a limited palette and just a few materials are long gone. Contemporary splashbacks can make a powerful visual statement, standing out as a stunning accent that can complement almost any kitchen. With a wide range of colours, materials and designs available, it’s time to place the splashback at the centre of your design theme.

Evoke a mood with river splashbacks

One of the main reasons for having art in your home is to create a particular ambience: why not extend this to your kitchen splashback? With splashbacks available which depict anything from a city skyline through to doughnuts, forests and more, there’s no reason why your splashback can’t also form the stunning accent you want to set the tone of your kitchen.

Show off your personal style

Perhaps the best thing about investing in a new splashback from the diverse range currently available is the opportunity it brings to create a kitchen environment that mirrors your personal taste and preferences. Whether you prefer sophisticated, quirky, dreamy or vibrant, there is now a splashback available that matches the adjectives you wish to apply to you, your home and your lifestyle. Why not let your splashback add to your kitchen’s visual story?