Most people assume that mirror splashbacks can only be fitted in the bathroom. But, this is simply not true. Today’s modern kitchens are now embracing the stylish versatility of kitchen wall splashbacks that are made from toughened glass like acrylic. They not only help to open up a small kitchen, but they can help to create a professional finish if you want to sell in the future. Below we explore the many benefits of mirror glass look acrylic splashbacks.

Attractive wall protection

Kitchen splashbacks are designed to protect your kitchen walls, and a mirror splashback made from durable acrylic will do just that. But, what you also get is an attractive splashback that is personalised to your own needs. Whatever type of finish or colour that you choose it won’t discolour, become stained or warp with heat or moisture.

Make a kitchen appear lighter and bigger

One of the main benefits in using mirror acrylic tiles in a small and dark kitchen is that they can instantly make the kitchen appear much bigger and brighter. This is achieved by choosing light colours that help to reflect any available light. Teaming a mirror splashback with light glossy units and pale walls with stainless steel appliances will also help to open up any small space.

Range of colour options

You can have so much fun with acrylic splashbacks with that mirror glass look.

Truly personalise your kitchen by adding a bold accent colour in red along your worktop or a soft yellow for your kitchen sink splashback. Mix and match colours to create your own individual look.

Mirror splashbacks are easy to clean

Mirror splashbacks are well known for being incredibly low maintenance and easy to keep clean. They will not easily scratch or mark, so are less likely to harbour germs and bacteria. There is also no grouting that can stain and they are also resistant to the growth of mould.

Work anywhere within the kitchen

Mirror splashbacks work well anywhere within the kitchen. Place them behind the cooker, behind the sink or along your worktops for both protection and an eye-catching finish.

For further kitchen splashbacks design ideas and to get hold of your very own mirror glass look acrylic splashback samples, then please do get in touch with us today.