a coloured splashback image from our range or kitchen splashbacks

Coloured Splashbacks

It is a scientific fact that people across the world perceive colours in the same way. The sun is yellow, orange and gold wherever it rises. It is the words we use to describe what we see, that are different. And our preference for gold over orange, or vice versa, that sets us apart. We all have preferences. The coloured splashbacks created by Genie acknowledges that we all have different tastes. Genie has collated every colour of the visible spectrum and all the shades in between, to give you an incredibly wide choice to complement the decor of your kitchen or bathroom space. The glass used by Genie is optically clear, without the green tint often seen in standard glass – this brings out the intensity of the colours making them rich and full. If you choose acrylic, this is equally rich in colour and an excellent choice for a coloured splashback – Genie have been working to achieve the best from this material for over 40 years and this is clearly seen in their perfectly finished product.

A Genie coloured splashback will complement an existing colour scheme, or can be the start of something new in a room you are creating from scratch, or revamping for a luxurious bespoke look. A coloured splashback is ideal as a bold focal point in your bathroom or kitchen, with strong, vibrant blocks of colour that give tired walls a new lease of life and protect them from splashes of grease in the kitchen, or water in the shower.

Cleaning Your Splashbacks

The gloss or matt surface of the coloured splashbacks, are extremely easy to clean due to their low friction nature and scratch resistance. Due to the high quality materials used, there is no need for harsh cleaning products, a wipe clean with warm soapy water will return your coloured splashback to a new-looking state with ease. This is just one of the factors that make the Genie coloured splashbacks a low maintenance option – the absence of grout lines used in traditional tiling means there are less places for dirt and grime to build up. Less cleaning is always a plus for any product!