Black Coloured Splashbacks

It has taken us Brits a while, but we seem to have finally caught up with the continued trend for black coloured splashbacks that has become the colour of choice across the rest of Europe. And it certainly makes a beautifully complementary statement when colour matching with work surfaces such as granite, and contrasting with white or pale chalky tones from kitchen cabinets or freestanding furniture – which is ever popular in stylish apartment living and modern new builds alike.

A modern kitchen splashback is one of the first elements that your eye is drawn to, alongside a quality work surface and the chrome curvature of well-designed taps. But is your eye still drawn to black or is it lost in the colour’s dark intensity? The reality is that black makes other colours stand out, it bestows upon them an increased clarity and sharpness that is pleasing to the eye. Black’s natural counterpart is white, and a black coloured splashback, whether in the kitchen or bathroom, accompanies white in any classic or contemporary kitchen.

If the simple elegance and harmonious nature of white and black are not to your taste then you are probably aligned with the other half of consumers who shout – bold is beautiful! Black has a surprising number of close friends in gold, shades of red, splashes of yellow and even the often over-looked, pink. These adventurous and vibrant colours can be formed into patterns, from stripes to swirls, with black, as the luxuriously deep backdrop, underpinning these more daringly patterned hues.

The intensity of all the colours and patterns that make up Genie’s extensive collection, are made complete with the quality of materials they enrich. The Perspex utilised is of the highest quality and has been worked by Genie’s specialists for over 30 years to ensure that the colour is rich and clear. If you decide upon glass, then you can also be assured that it has been toughened to be long-lasting in these kitchen and bathroom areas. The glass has also been manufactured with a reduced iron content, which removes that slightly green tint and will leave you with a black coloured splashback that is pure and true.