A bathroom makeover needn’t mean making huge upgrades or repairs. With just a little bit of imagination, you can give your bathroom a summer makeover without having to spend lots of money.

Upgrade your shower curtain

The first thing you can do is to get rid of that old shower curtain. It is easy to forget the humble shower curtain is one of the most prominent features of your bathroom, and one of the items that catches the eye. So, begin your bathroom makeover by adding a fresh, vibrant and colourful shower curtain in a summer pattern.

Change the towels

Another prominent feature of your bathroom is the towels you provide, so changing your bath and hand towels is another way in which you can spruce up your bathroom decor. Towels come in many colours and styles, so it should be easy to find ones to complement your decor.

Add coloured tiles

Thanks to modern manufacturing techniques, it has never been cheaper or easier to add some fantastic looking coloured splashback tiles to your bathroom, and there are hundreds of designs and colours to choose from. You can use bathroom splashback tiles to frame your mirror or even create a mosaic, which will undoubtedly give your bathroom a fresh, contemporary feel.

Create the illusion of space

Even if your bathroom is on the small side, you can create the illusion of space by adding mirrors, which help to maximise the natural light that enters your bathroom.

Add some bright wall art

Many people often overlook the bathroom when it comes to displaying art and pictures. Nevertheless, the bathroom is a great place to hang pictures and paintings and they can add much-needed warmth and colour to your bathroom without the need to completely redecorate.

Let nature in

Another frequently overlooked feature for bathrooms is plants. Adding some plants to your bathroom can help to develop a more natural feel, but just make sure that the plants you purchase for your bathroom are able to handle the humidity and temperature changes.

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