A kitchen is a creative place and a social hub for many individuals – usually from dawn to dusk. Whether you’re a foodie, budding chef, or casual cook, we spend a lot more time in the kitchen than we probably think.

Over time, it’s easy to forget about this vital space, focusing on other parts of the home instead, But as a room which has a lot of daily traffic, it should have just as much tender, love and care. Ask yourself. Is it time to revitalise yours?

Summer trends for kitchens in 2020 are already making a bold statement. We’ve collated some of the best of the best kitchen displays from across the UK to try and stir up some ideas for you to pick from.


A stylish and sturdy choice for a kitchen; marble has been paving the way for interior design for years.

Despite being the more expensive option, marble is built to last, pairs beautifully with toughened glass sinks and other glass features and guarantees undeniable luxury.

Bold is back

Traditionally, paler, plainer and softer colours have been favoured for the kitchen in order to add light and create space.

While the thought of adding bolder colours can be quite daunting, a smart approach is to paint areas which can be changed with ease.

In this instance, a kitchen wall splashback would be ideal. For the best results, use an acrylic splashback or even a printed glass splashback and jazz up your kitchen with a little artistic flair.

Oooh shiny

With colour choices becoming increasingly available, gold and silver kitchen colour palettes are as popular as ever.

From golden taps and silvery sinks to handles and lights, your kitchen will sparkle at last – literally! Even glitter splashboards are a possibility. The sky is the limit.

Curate your kitchen

As interior design continues to take precedent, the art world is also starting to have their say. An increase in the presence of glazed cupboards, open shelving and visual space suggests that people are seeking out their own niche.

With the help of genie printing, decorative ceramics and quirky treasures, people are transforming their kitchens into creative spaces where they are surrounded by homely comforts and familiar nostalgia.