Kitchens share the same characteristics because they have similar appliances and faucets. Unlike other rooms in a house, it can be a bit difficult to customise your kitchen to your style and preference. If you do not want your kitchen to look like every other kitchen, here are five ways on how you can customise it.

Mix things up

Instead of simply choosing a traditional or modern kitchen, combine different aspects from each style. If you love a more traditional style, do not be afraid to use it, just add a modern twist to it. For example, using vintage patterns on tiles and kitchen splashbacks together with stainless steel appliances is an excellent way to blend the two styles.

Add some colour

Colour is a great way to add some character to a room. Although neutrals are very trendy at the moment, bold and vibrant colours can help add some great contrast to the room. You can add bright coloured splashback or paint your cabinets.

Dress up your faucets

When designing or renovating kitchens, many people ignore the faucets. However, adding an interesting faucet at your sink can greatly influence the style and feel of your kitchen. There are so many shapes, sizes, colours, and designs to choose from, whether simple or state of the art, and everything in between. Faucets are one of the most affordable pieces in a kitchen, but they make such a huge difference.

Think about your cupboards and cabinets

Cupboards and cabinets are meant for storage, but they can also be used to display your cutlery. Transforming cabinets can be as easy as a simple paint job, but sometimes, you might need to remove them and start all over again. Try open shelving if you are going for a minimalist feel. Neatly arrange your dishes and colour coordinate for a more organised look.

Get a personalised splashback

What better way to personalise your kitchen than creating your own splashback? Companies like Genie Splashback allow you to choose the material, colour, finish, and even photos you want on your splashback.

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