Move over tiles, splashbacks are the hottest wall protection trend in the interior design world. When it comes to furnishing your kitchen or bathroom, a splashback really brings the design of a room together making the space feel modern and stylish; something that is harder to achieve with wall tiling. Here are five reasons why you should invest in splashbacks over tiles when decorating:


1. Customised design

When it comes to choosing a splashback, the design options are endless. No matter your bathroom or kitchen design, there is guaranteed to be a colour or style to accommodate any artistic vision you have. Unlike traditional tiles, you can opt for a patterned splashback with a quirky photo that is personal to you. A waterfall splashback is an ideal choice for a modern bathroom, while a vibrant city design can liven up the aesthetic of your kitchen.


2. More hygienic

Tile Grouting is a breeding ground for bacteria and no matter how hard you scrub, tiles will never be fully clean. The sleek surface of a glass or plastic splashback has no crevices for germs to hide and can easily be cleaned with soapy water.


3. Easier to install

Tiles are notoriously difficult to install and might require the help of a professional. All you need is some basic DIY knowledge and the walls of your bathroom or kitchen will look splashback chic before you know it. All you need to provide are your wall measurements and the splashback should fit without any material offcuts.


4. Durable

As well as making your walls look stunning, splashbacks are resistant to the wear and tear associated with daily life. The surface is stain and scratch resistant, meaning that they will continue to look as pristine as the day you got them.


5. Can become the feature of the room

Tiles are practical methods of wall protection, but splashbacks are so much more; they have the potential to become the focal point of the entire space. Investing in a single feature splashback can be an attention-grabbing addition to a kitchen or bathroom.


If you’re looking for enviable made-to-measure splashbacks, Genie has a variety of colours and styles to choose from.