As the leaves begin to drop, pumpkin farms fill up and we start to pad around the house in cosy PJs and snug socks, we know autumn is on its way. Bring all the warmth and wonder of this beautifully coloured season into your home with our autumn-themed kitchen ideas that will spice up your space and give it an organic feel.

Autumn kitchen colours

Autumn is a season that’s soft, glowing and inviting. Bringing reds, ambers, oranges and greens into the kitchen will give it a luxurious New England style feel that’s all glorious foliage and crunchy apples. At Genie Splashback, we can easily help you update your home with kitchen splashback panels in shades including Solid Pumpkin Pastel, Deep Red and Burnt Sienna. We can also create bespoke printed acrylic splashback using your own images such as an enchanted forest photo or a collection of rich and earthy autumn leaves. Shades of crimson, forest green or maroon will have a striking effect on the whole kitchen whether you want a farmhouse feel or a sleek and minimalistic look.

Autumn kitchen decor

You can also bring the colours of Fall into the kitchen with simple touches such as deep red tea towels and oven gloves, an orange and yellow pumpkin display or an autumnal centrepiece filled with berries, rose hips, and ranunculus. Creating a cosy, comfy feel is also really easy with the addition of a flat weave rug in a kaleidoscope of warm colours that will add depth and interest to the room. Burnt oranges and buttermilk yellows are popular colours for autumn and used in both kitchen splashback panels and organic decor, you can achieve a rich and vibrant colour scheme that stays inviting all year long.

The scent of autumn in your kitchen

The soothing scents of autumn are all about pumpkin spice, baked apples and warm cinnamon. The kitchen is the perfect place to inject these flavours and scents through home cooking or by using diffusers and candles. Simmer apples and oranges in a huge pot, bake pumpkin bread and cinnamon rolls and make medieval style orange and clove pomanders for a rich and spicy scent that will last for days.

If you want to bring the signature colours of autumn into your kitchen, contact us today to find out more about our kitchen splashback panels available in a rainbow of autumnal colours.