Blue Coloured Glass Splashbacks

Some of the colours trending for 2017 highlight how different shades of blue can make a luxurious impact, especially when combined with natural woods, or white and chalky-toned furniture in the kitchen or bathroom. Blue coloured glass splashbacks come in a variety of tones and shades from the green-hued turquoise, to the darker, more intense Orient. These two opulent colours highlight how Genie are in touch with the colour palette that is currently en-vogue; the hues that have designer intentions.

Blue may seem an obvious choice for a bathroom with its connotations with water and things clean but a blue coloured kitchen does not always spring to mind. Maybe that is why it is taking off. A fresh take on an old colour; a splash of change in a different room – blue coloured glass splashbacks are a touch of the old, but also something new.

Blue coloured glass splashbacks – in fact any colour splashbacks – are a new take on the old problem of protecting walls from water in the bathroom and oil, grease and foodstuffs in the kitchen. The traditional method of protecting your walls with tiles is beginning to feel a little old hat, when modern, sleek looking splashbacks are bold and vibrant and easy to install.

How much time did you waste last year cleaning textured tiles and endless grout lines? It wouldn’t be too bad an experience if they came up sparkling clean, but sadly, we all know this is not always the case. Warm, soapy water is all you need to bring a glass splashback to its original state. It’s an extremely fast cleaning process, with no hidden places for dirt to hide, as you wipe across the continuous glass plane.

So is this low maintenance characteristic the only reason that consumers are making the decision to leave tiles in the past? Clearly not. Aesthetics have always been at the top of every list of wants in modern society, and to put it simply – glass splashbacks look really good.

Fortunately for blue coloured glass splashbacks, they are exceptionally functional and highly appealing to the eye!